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Lube, Oil, & Filter
A regular oil and filter change is the most important maintenance procedure you can perform on your car. Fresh oil keeps internal engine parts clean and lubricated, prolonging the life of your engine. We use only genuine Toyota oil filters with a double-stage filtering element and and an anti-drainback valve.  We also perform a minor inspection with the oil service, allowing us to identify small problems before they get worse.

A properly tuned engine runs at its peak level of performance and optimizes fuel efficiency. Our tune up includes spark plugs and fuel filter replacement, and checking for proper timing and idle adjustments.

Brake Inspection
Regular brake inspections give you advance warning when your brakes need to be replaced, helping prevent damage to costly components such as rotors and drums. This service includes adjustment on vehicles with rear drum brakes.

Brake System Flush
Brake fluid naturally attracts moisture, the leading cause of brake failure and corrosion of brake system parts. Our brake flush completely removes all the old fluid from the system and replaces it with fresh fluid, helping to reduce the chance of brake failure and potentially costly repairs.

Valve Adjustment
Properly adjusted valves contribute to the performance of your engine and help increase fuel economy. Because valve cover gaskets are a primary source of engine oil leaks, the gasket(s) and grommets are also replaced with this service.

Transmission Flush (automatic)
We completely flush the old fluid from the transmission, cooler, and torque converter, removing harmful sludge and varnish deposits that can shorten your transmission's life. The transmission is then filled with fresh fluid, and conditioners are added. We then test-drive your car to check for proper shifting.  

Transmission Service (manual)
The transmission is drained and refilled with new fluid. We inspect the transmission linkage for proper adjustment, and the clutch master and slave cylinders for proper operation and to check for leaks.

Cooling System Flush & Fill
Fresh antifreeze keeps your radiator and engine block cooling passages clean, and helps maintain proper engine operating temperature.

Timing Belt Replacement
Because your engine will not run with a broken or stripped timing belt, routine scheduled replacement of the belt is a service that is simple in principle, yet very important. You may not notice improved engine performance after this service, but neglecting your timing belt increases the odds that your car may leave you stranded.

Other Services
Please describe other problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. These might include noises, leaks, smells, performance problems, warning lights, etc. Be sure to tell us when the problem(s) occur. Is the engine cold or warm? Are you accelerating or braking? Are you turning or going straight? Keep in mind that the more you can tell us about the problem, the easier it is for us to diagnose the cause. This saves us time and saves you money.
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